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Android Application screenshot sample, live Chat Room interaction
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๐Ÿ˜€ The 'Zilla Android chat application contains limitless chat rooms either private, public or within people's GEO "vicinity". It's a free download for now and all the features are enabled.

For more information and a video sample, please click or copy and paste this link into your browser -

๐Ÿ’กPlease note: this is a showcase demonstration network set up on a localhost computer running on 32-bit XAMPP software for seasoned professionals to examine "as is" on the go - meaning the page load speeds are not fast. In reality if this website was running on a real hosting server everything would load in real time (images, database queries, etc) without any pause or slow processing.

#ZILLA #messenger รพ18-39-รพ
Android Application screenshot sample, live Chat Room interaction
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โ“ Spot some bugs or have a feature request? Please contact us via the online contact form located here :

๐Ÿšง CRYPTO >> Now adding crypto markets for NFTs, and private or public chat room NFT crypto wallet token transfer functions between users, good for instant online payment processing between two parties.

๐Ÿšง LIVE EVENTS >> Have an audience? Create a live event ( auctions, etc ) and set up a timeline - we automatically email all your followers and ask them to confirm admission. Upcoming live events are displayed on the main and user pages of the website to attract more traffic for the start date. Live events start in the user's chat room (an email is sent to all attendees just before).

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ChatZilla & free speech in the USA and the globe: please keep it legal, and if you don't like someone you have the option to block the user.

Zilla is NOT a censorship driven platform, and aims to support everyone's freedom of expression. However, your profile channel is yours and you have the right to block anyone including bullies, mean trolls, dogpilers and etc. Just because a site offers legal free speech, accounts now have the power to hold the abusive party responsible of their actions.

#ZILLA #chatzilla #freespeech รพ18-38-รพ
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