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Bitchute Censorship

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Z00A203 Lawful members of a Sweden-based activist organization called the Nordic Resistance Movement had one morning realized that Bitchute not only deleted all of the videos on their official online channel, but actually put them on a “List of Terrorists” alongside Al-Qaeda and ISIS .

By placing NRM on the list, Bitchute now gets around its promise to defend free expression by claiming they or anyone they desire can be officially designated a violent terror group (always an excuse somewhere). Enough is enough, and if by being lawful gets you this - then it's time for a Revolution!

This pressure came from leftist Jewish NGO groups (not a surprise) who are all hypocrites and deserve to be placed on a "List of Terrorists" themselves, essentially this is a tactic they use to remove online competition.

#Bitchute #censorship þ01-þ
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