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Media file uploads allowed in chat rooms, profiles & public or private message postsFree and public chat rooms, open 24 / 7 including guests100% Privacy with your own Block list in real time

About Us About Us
We are an interactive social media community open to people, groups, products and services!


To provide a legal, uncensored and free speech interactive chat-room and social-media resource base.

Legal Disclaimer

Posted content is done by the user community which is self-moderated. Privacy options exist to enable or disable content in search results. You grant indemnification to this website freely. The account holder is responsible for moderating content.


Now accepting a limited number of new user accounts. We are still in BETA development mode.

User Interface

The user interface is basic, easy to use and works on both desktop and mobile devices. (suggestions are welcome)


A username profile is identified by an '@' address (example: the or @username) when a user signs up and registers. A page title can have duplicates but an '@' address cannot and is a user-defined username for Logins.


Hovercards are real username profile que-cards showing at-the-time updated info.


Any username or '@' address home page (example: the website/username/ or @username) displays a timeline with shared or self-posted articles (posts), pictures and videos. To see all new and past shares or posts of people you follow (usually friends) just click Timeline button when logged in.


A hashtag contains numbers and any number of joined words starting with the # prefix in a message body. Hashtags define posts as unique and searchable user-defined categories auto-linked in video, picture and message post texts including video and picture auto-hover effects.

Search Bar

Up to date information-on-demand allows for searchable indexes.

Live Communication

To communicate: join chat rooms, reply to posted media or send a private message. A notification bar on the right side of the screen receives and displays new messages. To view your private message history just click the Messaging icon beside your logged in profile account image. New messages will appear instantly. You can delete or reply to private messages.

Live Notifications

Receive notifications from other users or by the system. These temporary messages are saved in your browser's alloted web space on the current device you are using for your privacy. You can delete these with the Delete option.

Notifications will recycle every X listings when displayed and will be saved permanently in your Messaging in-box. If someone messages you while you're busy talking privately or in another chat room, you can easily reply 'on the go'.

Live Chat

A profile owner a.k.a. chat room moderator can kick, ban or unban people any time. Enabled media uploads from devices (including webcams) are defined as image, audio, video and archive files (compressed data inside a .ZIP file with a password for subscribers, as an example) that are considered as metered bytes.

Special media links like Youtube video watch URLs or GIPHY animated GIF URLs are not considered metered bytes. Metered upload bytes are saved on our servers, take up space (space is not free) and belong solely to the uploader and not the chat room profile - unless the uploader is the profile owner.

Live Private Messaging

Private messages are treated as 1 on 1 conversations. In a private messaging conversation, each user can moderate their own posts. Deleted means premanently deleted from our servers. Any metered upload bytes are accountable.


People follow content driven profiles and are updated on posting activities.


Follow people to add new contacts and receive post notifications instantly!


This social media content management system web site engine is designed with auto-integrated SEO (search engine optimization) and is Search Engine friendly.


Zero spam policy.


We encourage communication regarding UI updates, reporting of abuse, etc. A reply will be given within 24 hours.


The front end website display: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery spun by server-end PHP and MYSQL relational-database. Our server back-end live communications: ultra-fast PHP secure Websocket (WSS / TLS) TCP / IP turbo BGP NANO FIFO anti-Nagel algorhythm client & server technology able to run on both centralized (data center) and non-centralized (servers connected via IP across the world) known as primary "0 down-time and load balanced" multi-server starburst cluster messaging, notifications, mailer, gaming and additionally stacked web performance engines.

Programmed from the ground-up in notepad including our universal UTF-8 human-select and visual-display cross-browser Emoji engine, GIPHY & various web-hooks, Javascript menus, persistent chat rooms w/media sharing, LIVE real-time alerts, instant-messaging and interactive notification layers.

Websocket friendly

Instant notifications, live comment & reply post updates and deletes, gaming alerts, messaging and more! Developed browser and mobile Secure Websocket communication protocols known as WSS (TLS) Websocket Secure (real time, full duplex, faster than HTTP) encrypted TCP / IP connection technology.

Chat Room Guests

Chat Rooms reserve the option to auto-create limited-life span (up to 3-4 days) guest accounts for visitors. A guest may receive access to type, read or both - including guest private-chat messaging. The auto-generated password is shared and active until the end-cycle time of the chat room guest account. Chat room password protection available to registered users in addition. Guest accounts are deleted from the server every X hours.

Precision Counters

Visiting a page or viewing an uploaded or link-embedded media is people VS search engine bot compared before incrementing database views.

Go Viral

People's posts can be shared, boosted, unboosted and pinned FOR FREE no charge - by anyone any time and can be seen in timeline tabs.

Community Up-votes & Down-votes

Quality over quantity as each message comment & reply can now appear at the top or bottom of the original message depending how fans respond with clicks. Profile reputation score (amount of total upvotes) is displayed in any que card when hovering over a selected profile image.

Bottomless Scroll

Proud to have developed this technology, we offer everyone the ability to keep scrolling indefinately.

Swipe Box

Uploaded media (videos or pictures) and off-site video links (youtube, etc) open, auto-play and auto-skip to next for hands-free conveniece on top of LIVE chats or conversations - on the same view!


Server-side real time communication and notification procotols we programmed as nano-transmission secure websocket TCP / IP connected daemons hosted on server clusters. Programmed to share protected multi-server RAM as 1 memory space, processing 'real-time' using multi-server CPU powers to communicate faster during mass notification deployments. Unlimited websocket connections "real time" and "at the same time - first in, first out (FIFO)" by secure transmission protocols (HTTPS -> WSS (TLS) -> TCP) including layered cryptography.

No 3rd party (like Node.js) technology plugin is used maintaining 100% data integrity solving the Byzantine General's problem of secure, reliable and non-hackable notifications.

Links & Deep Digs

Hate scrolling down to find or report links? Enjoy page auto-scrolling technology & text highlighting for clicks to shared links. To share a link, click the gray link icon above posted text. Test link integrity on shared links by selecting click to test link (or report bad link) on a link-interaction dialog when you click to share chosen links (by email, profile timeline, social links or clip-text to paste).

Smart Connections

Internet connections can become corrupted occasionally - leaving you staring at spinner icons when clicking "read more" links that append on-page text. No more service interruptions - we've developed a mid-way reconnection handler.

Grid-lock Free

Independant localhost server WS (websocket) PHP service 'daemon' based FIFO database background updating, media upload processing service and other 'daemon' back-end services including service-to-service WS communications keep server CPU burn at a very low percentage.


Enjoy privacy protection with your own block-list. Block someone and their content is automatically removed from your display or search results. Become invisible to people on your block list instantly.