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Z00O035 Canada NDP leader Jagmeet Singh used the race card and said that "if it was a person of colour (ignoring the fact that the indigenous man is a redskin, a person of colour) it would have ended differently" to RCMP Police Chief, Steve Tanner talking about Rideau Hall in Ottawa, Canada where Corey Hurren slammed through the gate with his truck with some firearms to "talk to Trudeau" about losing his family business thanks to the failed pro-China Globalist policies that have recently ruined Canada. "Politics at an all time low", the Chief replied. #racist #crimetube þ15-þ
Jagmeet Singh
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🎭 Jewish performing arts on video can be funny to watch, ...but only if it's the amazing #racist Ari Shaffir being racist at the supermarket in Israel asking for special petition signatures. #crimetube #theamazingracist þ38-þ

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