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Privacy Policy Privacy Policy
This is the all-inclusive end user privacy policy separated by sections of importance regarding Visitors and Registered Members.

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A simple web site URL and unix date stamp of any article, picture or video viewed will be stored on your device during all sessions to track media viewing history and to mark individual media as "read". These harmless cookies act as precise media click counters so as to not count more than 1 view from your device per media viewed. To delete these cookies, please select options from your browser.

Data Collection

Registration data requires an email address and a password. With these, we also store your last IP used for peer to peer video conferencing interaction (via webcams, etc). We DO NOT KEEP deleted conversation information on our servers.

Data Security

Your login password is encrypted upon registration on our system and is safe against Doomsday events. For example, if someone walked into a data center and stole our servers to extract your password from the database all they would see is gibberish and non-translatable text by any human being.

Data Sharing

This web site does not share personal information with outside sources and is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its user community.

Data Storage

Browsers allow a small amount of data storage to be saved from a web site per device. The right side-bar acts as a temporary system and social media interaction notification center and these messages are stored on your device. You have full access and control of these messages depending which device you used to login with. The side-bar has the option to delete those messages at any time. The notification messages do recycle every X listings. For a full message list saved on our servers you can always click the Messaging service icon.


A registered account owner has many "file" options and settings to adjust to one's own personal privacy including a user-defined chat room password for limiting access to a private group or audience only.

Block List

Add and remove people from your block list. A person blocked by you won't be able to see you or any of your public or private posts and if someone blocks you, you won't be able to see them in search results, public posts and private messages in real time.